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1st place in the World Bodypainting Festival 2020 in the category Special effects


Efi Tsimpi, born and raised in Athens, is a self-taught body painter. From a very young age, she was skilful in painting, although she had never thought or planned to become an artist. Having completed her studies in nursing and working in a medical clinic, she came across a bodypainting and special effects video-tutorial. By the time she had finished watching the video she knew this was the only thing she wanted to do in her life!


In recent years she has been working as a professional face and body painter. She has worked as a body painter teacher at a makeup school while at the same time offering private lessons. She has won the grand prize in numerous competitions, including two prestigious nationwide competitions in Greece, in which she won first place in both the bodypainting and the special effects categories.


Her love for the art of body painting and the promotion of team spirit led her to establish "Face and bodypainting Greece", an active community which aspires to embrace and show off all emerging bodypainting artists, helping them evolve while concurrently promoting their work.

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